How Your Local Non-Profit Can Apply to Become a Beneficiary
If you would like Silicon Valley Cares to consider your organization for future funding, please send the following information to us at:

Silicon Valley Cares
P.O. Box 157
New Almaden, CA 95042-0157
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Grant Requests
Deadline: November 1st of each year

Accepting Grant Requests

Each year Silicon Valley Cares (SVC) selects three non-profit organizations that support children, families, the homeless, and/or animals to be beneficiaries of our fundraising efforts for the following calendar year. If you are a non-profit agency interested in applying for a grant from SVC please read the following information carefully before proceeding to the Grant Request form.

Grant Criteria 

Silicon Valley Cares was founded with the purpose of supporting smaller, grass-roots organizations that operate primarily within Santa Clara County. We fund secular organizations only. Your organization MUST be designated not-for-profit 501 (c)(3) and must be in good financial standing with local, state and federal tax authorities. In addition, it must remain active for the entire calendar year to receive any funds raised.

To qualify as a grant recipient of Silicon Valley Cares, it is imperative that a request for funding include a mission statement for the organization, a description of the population served, a listing and contact information for board and staff members, a full yearly budget clearly delineating all sources of income, a clear description of expenses as well as an explanation of how Silicon Valley Cares funds will be used and their impact on the organization.

Silicon Valley Cares is particularly interested in supporting organizations that allocate less than 10% of their budget towards administrative expenses, and receive less than 25% of their funding from municipal, federal, or state resources.

Silicon Valley Cares has the right to produce and execute all activities and public relations deemed necessary and appropriate in conjunction with the designated organization, agency or group. Silicon Valley Cares reserves the right to forego the funding of any organization, agency or group that is considered controversial or does not meet all stated criteria.

Once an organization has been chosen to be a beneficiary, they can reapply after waiting one year. 



1. Full name of organization

2. Documents Needed:

  A. Statements of what organization is charted to do and description of population served, with reference to authorizing agency and date of authorization.

  B. Copy of articles of organization.


  D. Listing and brief description of board and staff members.

  E. Full budget delineating all sources of income making very clear which are municipal, state, or federal in origin. Make sure to CLEARLY show the percentage spent on administrative expenses.

3. An explanation of how Silicon Valley Cares funds will be used and the impact on your organization.

4. A description of how your organization will support Silicon Valley Cares. Please indicate your willingness to provide volunteers to help with our fundraising events.

5. If you would like to add any photos, please no more than 5 photos.